Sexy Chinese Content: Slipping One Past the Censors 苹果陈 @loora8888

I have been spending a lot of time in Asia. To support myself? I do several things - a number of them under the banner of “teaching”. One organizing principle of my “teaching”? Trying to figure out how stories are being told and shared using new motion picture tech. How does that manifest in my life? I try to find (paying?) opportunities to share what I’ve learned in Asia watching things online - like the Hong Kong protests or web content in China. 


I saw loora8888

I’ll admit, the apparent street photography coupled with fearless beauty and a sexual connection to the camera is where my fascination started. But from that first connection flowed other questions. 

Who are they? What’s with their physical intimacy? Are they gay? 

Not likely. 

In China right now gay stories are banned - and an author of gay-erotica was recently sentenced to 10 years in jail


It seems they are sisters. 

Ok. That part makes sense. Even though, in my life, I’ve only known a few sisters whose connection was truly that exhilarating. I get who they are. And it gets them past the Chinese censors. In other words? Their intense connection, coupled with their intoxicating playful sexual confidence on camera, now made sense to me as a China-watcher and supporter of civil rights for gay people. 

But then my producer-self asked - who or what is paying for all this? 

The answer? 

They are marketing the clothes they design. 

Truly? Next level stuff. And? For me? This is yet another example of how some major obstacles (Chinese censorship) and the new tools are inspiring amazing work that contributes to the ongoing democratization of motion picture production.


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