Film Marketing - Homework Due March. 26th

As I mentioned in class, there are two books that I would like you to purchase (or download for free - here's a link that claims to offer Positioning for free and here's a link that seems to offer The Long Tail for free) for this course. 

Both books have also been translated into Chinese (to find copies in Chinese that are for sale online click on the links that Yu-Shan Chen 陳宇珊 has kindly provided below):

Battle for Your Mind by Al Reis and Jack Trout

《長尾理論》(The Long Tail written by Chris Anderson)

If you can get the Positioning book before next week, please start reading it.

In addition please read the following posts.

You can start by reading 3 short posts about the Chinese film business:

Also, please read about the USP and positioning:

Finally, after today's discussion about marketing plans and the Producer of Marketing and Distribution ("PMD"), you might want to read the following 2 posts. One is about film marketing misconceptions and the other post offers some advice about the role of the Producer of Marketing and Distribution - both are by Jon Reiss:

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