No One is Coming to Your Rescue: How Tentacle 8, a Microbudget Feature, Beat the Odds and Sold Out at WalMart, Best Buy, and

In an April 23rd, 2014 post to The Film Collaborative site, filmmaker John Chi describes the process of marketing his topical (set inside the NSA) microbudget feature, Tentacle 8

According to the filmmakers, Tentacle 8 is about "the tenuous and arduous journey to protect and preserve the truth, no matter how extraordinary the circumstances might be."

John Chi's post does that too: Explaining in detail how his expectations for festival success and third-party distribution needed to be recalibrated. 

"There’s no magic solution, you just have to grind it out and do the work. Hundreds of tweets, unsolicited emails, creative Facebook posts, introducing yourself, your film, and your purpose. There’s no fancy diet, no elaborate exercise machine to get around the fact that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise more. Similarly, if you want to build an audience, there’s no app, or software, or social media guru that’s going to magically build your audience for you. You do it one follower at a time. [emphasis in the original]"

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