UX Is Not UI

UX is an acronym for “user experience.”

UI is an acronym for "user interface."

If you're developing a website for your film - especially a website that collects data about your users (or, even more difficult, converts visitors into buyers) - then you need to understand what UX and UI mean.

Erik Flowers - who authored the bullet points above - and wrote an accompanying insightful blogpost about the difference between UI and UX - explains that UI "encompasses the crossover between visual design (look and feel) and the interaction design (how the look and feel work). Combine those two and you have an interface."

While UI is a big part of UX - UX involves more than the user interface.  As illustrated in the image above and the umbrella drawing below, to supervise UX you're going to need to solve a number of problems - requiring thinking about a variety of concerns from the user's perspective...

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