Joe Davola Explains What the Internet Means to TV

Joe Davola is a pioneer and one of the savviest TV people alive.  He's a hero of mine. He's produced shows like "Smallville" and "One Tree Hill" but he also developed classic shows like In Living Color and The Ben Stiller Show and while at MTV Joe helped to create Singled Out, Road Rules and The Jon Stewart Show, and he oversaw production on House of Style, The Real World and MTV Sports. Joe has received one of the highest honors our industry can afford (an insane character, “Crazy Joe Davola” who appeared throughout the fourth season of Seinfeld, was named for him) - and Joe also apparently snuck into a line-up of the world's biggest music stars to sing on a music video that defined a decade.

I've had the honor and very great pleasure of hanging out with Joe. I can't go into all the details, but it involved a wedding in a Las Vegas chapel and a chubby Elvis impersonator...

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