Signs That Apple Might Be At Work On A Technology That Could Destroy The Market for iPhones: And Why Filmmakers Should Pay Attention

A December 3rd, 2012 post to Business Insider by Nicolas Carlson starts with a startling assertion: "At this very moment, Apple is working on technology that, if successfully developed, will cannibalize and ultimately destroy [their hugely successful] iPhone business."

What technology is Apple developing that might eat away at their biggest success - the iPhone - and might (incidentally?) lead to a revolution in how films are delivered and watched?

In 2012 Apple has filed an additional patent application for a "head-mounted display" or "HMD."

Such a wirelessly connected "device that a person wears on the head in order to have video information directly displayed in front of the eyes" might just kill off the iPhone - replacing the brick that falls out of your pocket, with a pair of glasses that allows you to phone people by simply giving verbal instructions.

Here's the question that should intrigue filmmakers: In addition, could an HMD from Apple also allow you to watch motions pictures that are streamed wirelessly to your headset with iPod quality audio - motion picture images that might appear to bigger and better than anything projected on a multiplex screen?

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