What Was Learned at the Sundance Institute ShortsLab LA August 11th, 2012 Event?

A number of noteworthy filmmakers attended an August 11th, 2012 Sundance Institute event at Google's Venice complex, where director Spike Jonze screened his 11 minute Kanye West short “We Were Once a Fairytale.” SPOILER ALERT: Kanye should have known better than to give that skinny puppet a knife.

An August 13th 2012 post to indieWire by Kim Adelman recapped some of the highlights of the discussion:

“I think it’s easier to write a feature than short,” said Nicolas McCarthy, writer-director of “The Pact.” “Ever since we were young, we’ve digested movies. We intrinsically know the rules of where we are in a movie; we understand our contract with the film. But with a short, there are no rules. There are so many different kinds of stories. You never know where they’re going to end. You can never predict when they will go to black and credits will start.”

"[B]e collaborative. A lot of young directors don’t bring that to the table. They have an idea about what they wrote and won’t adjust their preconceived notions. Why negate on set someone else’s ideas that would make you look awesome?”"

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