Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo Ever

Thanks to wericks3 (a 23 year old YouTuber user) we have this compilation and the following Guide:

The Lodger: A Story of London Fog- 2 cameos! Clip 1: The man shouting into the phone in the bottom center, Clip 2: in the middle of the crowd with the fake beard

Easy Virtue- walking with a cane on the right

Blackmail- sitting on the left being harassed by a child (one of his longest cameos)

Murder! - walking across the shot from left to right

The 39 Steps- walking to the right and tossing a piece of paper on the ground

Young and Innocent- to the left fiddling with a camera (another of Hitchcock's longest)

The Lady Vanishes- walking to the left smoking a cigar and shrugging his shoulders

Rebecca- in the background walking to the left wearing a bowler hat

Foreign Correspondent- reading a newspaper on the left

Mr. and Mrs. Smith- walking from left to right as the camera pulls out

Suspicion- 2 cameos! clip 1: leading the horse, clip 2: mailing a letter in the background

Saboteur- top left corner under the light bulb

Shadow of a Doubt- playing cards with the doctor

Lifeboat- in the ad for Reduco "the obesity slayer"

Spellbound- leaving the elevator smoking a cigar and carrying a violin case

Notorious- drinking champagne

The Paradine Case- on the right, smoking a cigar and carrying a cello case

Rope- walking on the sidewalk in a blue suit and holding a newspaper

Under Capricorn- 2 cameos! clip 1 in a blue suit, brown pants and top hat in the middle of the frame, clip 2 same outfit in the middle of a group of 3 people

Stage Fright- on the right turning and looking at the main character

Strangers on a Train- boarding the train with a stand up bass

I Confess- walking across the horizon

Dial M for Murder- sitting at the table in the picture

Rear Window- winding the clock in the piano player's apartment

To Catch a Thief- Sitting on the right in the bus

The Trouble With Harry- walking on the left in a trench coat

The Man Who Knew Too Much- standing the bottom left of the crowd

The Wrong Man- This cameo is different. Because The Wrong Man is based on the experiences of a real person Hitchcock wanted to approach the whole thing differently.

Vertigo- walking from left to right carrying a trumpet case

North By Northwest- failing to catch a bus

Psycho- in the window wearing a cowboy hat

The Birds- walking his real-life dogs out of the pet shop

Marnie- exiting a room on the left and looking directly at the camera

Torn Curtain- holding a small child on his knee

Topaz- sitting in a wheelchair and then standing up to shake hands with someone

Frenzy- 2 cameos! clip1: in the middle of the crowd wearing a bowler hat, clip 2 same hat in the bottom center

Family Plot- silhouette seen in in the window of Registrar of Births & Deaths

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