Digital-Driven Indie Film Renaissance?

In his June 16th, 2012 keynote address to the 2012 LA Film Festival, film executive Chris McGurk (chairman and CEO of Cinedigm Entertainment Group) predicted a renaissance of independent filmmaking driven by digital technologies.

As recounted in the Hollywood Reporter, Chris McGurk said "targeted release strategies [using digital distribution to theaters] and social marketing campaigns will help indie filmmakers connect with audiences."

Chris McGurk went on to list seven signs of the impending indie renaissance:

1) The Production Revolution
2) The Distribution Revolution
3) Big talent is into small films
4) Exhibitors want independent films … desperately
5) Narrowcasting
6) Targeted Marketing
7) More dollars. And, by the way, more euros and yen and pounds and pesos and rubles. I.e., The hopeful signs that exist in the U.S market, he said, also exist in the international market.

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