Actors: Please Be Careful With Prop Guns

According to a July 24th, 2012 BBC article, actor David Birrell is suing London's Donmar Warehouse for $400,000 because a prop gun misfired and left him blind in one eye during a performance in October 2010.

According to court papers, Mr. Birrell suffered "total and permanent blindness in the right eye" after a blank cartridge in a prop gun he was firing "ejected rearwards and at high velocity through the breach cut into the revolver and into his right eye."

These sorts of accidents happen all too often: In 2010, Royal Shakespeare Company actor Darrell D'Silva shot himself in the hand during a tech rehearsal of Antony and Cleopatra, and, in 2009, during rehearsals for a Manatee Players production of "Of Mice and Men" here in Florida, actor Bill Bordy shot off part of a fellow actor's ear with a prop gun.

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