Zenith: Using "Piracy" to Market a Transmedia Thriller

Is "piracy" just one more element in a hybrid distribution strategy, along with the theatrical release, cable, VOD, DVD and legal download sites like iTunes? That's what the "project supervisor" of the futuristic transmedia thriller Zenith, New School professor Vladan Nikolic, says in a provocative Oct. 12th, 2011 interview in indieWire.

Describing Zenith's roll-out in an earlier interview in Filmmaker Magazine, Nikolic said, “Just like in the old model, you need word-of-mouth. There’s an overload of information, and you don’t notice [a film] in the first week unless it’s plastered everywhere. It’s a challenge for a small movie to keep going. I believe it takes longer these days. You can’t just give a film the one push.”

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