Who Gets To Say "YUUUP!"

A Nov. 16th, 2011 post to the Hollywood Reporter's indispensable legal blog (THR-ESQ) recounts the trademark battle that has broken out between the grumpy star of A&E's Storage Wars, Dave Hester, and rapper Trey Songz (born Tremaine Neverson): "Hester has filed a lawsuit against Trey Songz... seeking a court order that bars the rapper from "interfering" with his use of “YUUUP!"

According to Eriq Gardner's reporting: "Of the tens of thousands of trademarks registered, just a fraction of those cover sounds. Examples include the roar of the MGM lion and NBC's three-note musical chime... [and] 20th Century Fox, which registered in 2008 a mark consisting of the spoken word, "D'OH," the famous Homer Simpson utterance."

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