Building a Fanbase for your Film Using Transmedia Techniques

Nuno Bernardo, co-founder and CEO of the transmedia production company beActive, has written a Nov. 15th, 2011 blogpost for MovieMaker about using transmedia techniques to build a fanbase for your film. The basic idea is to tell your story on different platforms where "each medium is independent and lives on its own merits." The advice that Nuno Bernardo gives involves taking all your content (even the work product that never made it into the finished film) and adapting it to other platforms so that your audience "will know every single story and past event that happened to the characters before the start of the movie." According to Nuno: "A comic book may tell part of a story, the Website and social media may develop a few of the characters, a game allows you to get into the shoes of the hero and the movie takes your story to the big screen."

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