Empty Promises?

Deals overseas? Local jobs? One year has passed since Sarasota County Florida gave a local man over $600,000 to start a "studio" with promises of a TV series. In return, Ken Sanborn promised $30 million in capital investment (new money to be spent locally in the first 18 months!) and over 100 full-time jobs. One year ago the credulous local TV stations and newspapers covered the ribbon cutting and a day of ostentatious "shooting" on the Ringling Bridge. One year later... where are the jobs? Where is the production? What happened to the foreign deals and the promises of US distribution? What sort of stimulus has the county actually seen from Sanborn Studios? Was this a scam from the start or did Sarasota County just squander over $600,000 on the naive and grandiose fantasies of a politically well-connected wanna-be?

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