Cool Music Discovery App From Coincident

Be the first kid on your block to discover this (early version) of something called "Music Explorer."

Developed at an Oct. 1st, 2011 hackathon by Alex Kalinin and Carl Rosenberg, two employees of Coincident (a San Francisco based company known for designing, managing and measuring interactive video engagements across digital platforms), the "Music Explorer" app offers a whole new way of encountering music that you're going to like.

Give it a try: "Music Explorer" uses metadata to find musicians and music related to music the user already loves.

Fun right?

With a better UI, I think this app could be marketed as the best tool yet for finding artists "6 degrees" from someone you already like...

"Music Explorer" still needs some fine-tuning... The app opened my eyes to some artists I'd never heard of (for example, singer-songwriter Richard Buckner in response to my Gillian Welch search), but I was able to stump the search function (for example, my "Pavarotti" search pulled up only one video of the opera great singing with Godfather of Soul James Brown).

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