One Way to Increase Sponsorship of Online Video

Paul Kontonis is VP/Group Director, Brand Content at Digitas (the largest digital marketing agency in the world). In a July 5th, 2011 post to Online Video Insider, Paul Kontonis suggests that, until there is "a trusted service that can help you evaluate a web series in terms of audience composition and size, distribution methods, publishing model, context, and media value," advertisers are not going to fully commit to online video as a marketing platform.

According to Paul Kontonis: "In a world where there are an incredible number of potential content opportunities, marketers have limited means to actually discover and evaluate them." Marketers (with money to spend online) have questions that currently can't easily be answered:" [H]ow do I know the show is good? Where do I find it? How big is their audience? How do we make a deal with them?"

What we need is something like a "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval for web series, a way of comparing the audiences and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns, to reassure the people with money to spend that your online content is worth their money...

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