Moving People From "Fans" to "Advocates"

Thanks to marketing exec Libby Hall (of the Flint Group) and social media consultant Jay Baer for posting this case study about using the power of social media to take fans to the next level on behalf of a marketing campaign.

Although filmmakers may not want to hear about the lessons learned from marketing sunflower seed spread (apparently it's like a new-age peanut butter)... the social media goals - like getting "positive social mentions" and "referrals" - are the same ones you should be working toward with your film.

Even if you've premiered at Cannes, if you're self-distributing, you'll need to harness the online support of your fans. And guerrilla marketers can't afford to ignore successful online strategies.

I know I'm asking a lot... And I can imagine the negative reactions already (e.g., "This is my film dammit, not a substitute for peanut butter.") But, I suggest you get over yourselves...

The new idea - in this case how to turn passive fans into an active marketing team - just might come from a fan who is allergic to peanuts. Don't judge, just keep your eyes open for the next really valuable tool.

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