Are You a Slave Driver?

David Geertz is a 20 year veteran of the film business who currently is working to "harness the power of friends, family, consumers, business people and social media to bring big ideas to life."

David has just started a series of blogposts (on Ted Hope's indispensable blog). If the first post is any measure, David is prepared to ask some of the hard questions microbudget filmmakers must answer when making films for little money. For example, David's first post begins as follows:

"So you’re planning on producing an independent film -- good for you, join the club. You are now officially a Slave Driver."

David's point? How do you get people to work so hard for so little? How do you ensure that the people who helped you out are going to have the best chance for a return? Are you prepared to compromise your ethics in order to achieve a creative goal?

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