Tips for Self Distribution

Recently J. X. Carrera wrote two posts for Jon Reiss's blog (here's the first post and and here's the second) about the techniques he used to self-distribute his own film (a video tutorial about editing using Final Cut entitled Crash Course: Final Cut Pro). Carrera's posts on Jon Reiss's site are of particular interest to any filmmaker considering doing actual fulfillment themselves.

J. X. Carrera is not just a filmmaker. Filmmaker's can hire J. X. to be their Producer of Marketing and Distribution ("PMD").

J. X. Carrera specializes in online media and international entertainment, with particular experience reaching audiences in China and Japan.

When you're sifting through resumes - look for specialists, like
J. X. Carrera, who really know about their jobs - for example, doing fulfillment and using online shopping carts like E-Junkie. If you're thinking about hybrid (split rights) distribution, you're going to want hired guns with notches on their belts.

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