Curation Nation

Steven Rosenbaum is a filmmaker and author whose new book, Curation Nation, examines how we are filtering the deluge of new content made possible by the Internet. According to Steven Rosenbaum's April 26th, 2011 post on the Tribeca Film festival's online site "There's no doubt that the arrival of limitless bandwidth and unlimited distribution will be a challenge for the so called “blockbuster” films that count on huge audiences and day and date wide release. But for festival fare, both fiction and non-fiction, small audiences that build buzz and critical endorsement can create the kind of momentum that can really build. Curation is the magic combination of technology and human review and endorsement that looks to be the light at the end of the tunnel for independent creators. Creating work that activates a passionate fan base and the curatorial instinct can turn on a powerful ad-hoc social network of support that builds, not just for the film but the filmmaker as well."

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