How Social Media is Changing Advertising

Follow this link to a July 6th, 2010 article in Mashable that is a quick introduction to "How Social Media Has Radically Altered Advertising." The author is Hank Wasiak. Hank is a partner at The Concept Farm (a marketing firm with clients like Disney, Greenpeace and MSNBC). Hank is also the best selling author of the Asset-Based Thinking book series and a teacher at USC’s Graduate School of Business. This article is just a quick overview, but Hank Wasiak manages to offer advertisers (especially old-school advertisers who might be reluctant or confused about how to adapt to the new digital world) a number of big ideas, for example: "Stop lamenting the end of advertising as we know it. Celebrate the emergence of advertising as the consumer wants it and as it was meant to be — the art of one-on-one persuasion."

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