Working With Sponsors to Fund Your Film: Even If Product Placement is Impossible (e.g., you're making a period piece about Finland in WW2)


So grateful to Brian Newman for his post about the innovative partnerships that helped to fund and market the Finnish film, Unknown Soldier.

"Because it was a historical film, none [of the corporate sponsors] were able to do product placement, but [director/producer Aku] Louhimies and the team built a platform where each brand could activate around the film leading up to its release. So Land Rover didn’t have its vehicles in the film, but Louhimies made short form content showing the cast and crew using their vehicles in the production. The National Lottery, Veikkaus, sent emails to its best customers to help cast the roles of 3000 extras – and ended up with 14,000 video submissions.

Each brand got very creative with how it supported the film. According to AdWeek... “Other activations, all supported on social media, included national TV campaigns from different companies including food brand Jalostaja, and beverage brand Meira. A special edition of the Finnish magazine Tuntematon, by media brand Alma Media, was released in August 2017 and songs were recorded, including one from a top band that reached  No. 1 in the country.” Local milk producer Valio also produced an AR piece that could be viewed on millions of milk cartons distributed throughout Finland (see the video from Vimeo [above])."


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