The Challenges of Selling Hollywood Films Overseas

The Chinese poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens downplayed the importance of the black lead, John Boyega, in the film.


"Distributing and marketing American films to other countries is a game of deciphering aesthetics and culture. What appeals to one nation may turn off another. Europe prefers sex to shootouts, while Asia and the Middle East are rapt by action and violence. Italians recoil at science fiction, Argentines drift toward the intellectual, Russians adore "Minions" but are cool to interracial love stories..."

...and apparently someone (in Hollywood?) thinks Chinese movie-goers might prefer to see space fantasies where black characters play less prominent roles?

According to an April 15th, 2016 LA Times article by Jeffrey Fleishman, selling Hollywood films outside the US requires a cultural sensitivity that "you can't learn in Hollywood."


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