People Don't Read Ads, They Read Stories: Mike Volpe's June 2014 Overview On How To Get Your Story Across Online

A June 3rd, 2014 Mike Volpe post to searchenginejournal provides a really good summary of how professionals are using "content marketing" tools to enhance their online storytelling. 

The film marketing students I've been working with at TNUA will certainly recognize Mike Volpe's approach.

Here are some excerpts:

"Great content strategies identify 2-3 core personas and create tailored plans to succeed in reaching each of them. Persona development may sound like an exercise in make-believe, but building personas forces your team to be honest about who you are marketing to and who you are not."

"[I]nvest some time and energy into ensuring your content is relevant, shareable, and delivers value to your audience."

"Every piece of content you create when you start should be optimized for social media sharing, meaning you should prepare images (where appropriate), draft tweets or Facebook posts, and suggested timing for every blog post, webinar, and interview. But your work is not done by just sharing your posts; you should identify hashtags relevant to the content you’ve created and engage with people talking about the topics your content addresses."

"Always be measuring." 

"[M]arketers waste way too much time on metrics that don’t matter."

"The most important takeaway is that you commit to metrics when you start, that you measure them at regular intervals, and that you leverage an agile approach to adjust your approach based on what is working and what isn’t."

Here's a slideshare that Mike Volpe prepared about inbound marketing:

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