Martin Scorsese on How Italy Changed Modern Cinema: Will The Next Reinvention of Motion Pictures Come From China?

In this clip, Martin Scorsese shows how Italian culture reasserted itself through cinema after World War 2 (first through Italian neo-realism in low-budget films often with with non-professional actors, and then through the films that Roberto Rossellini made with Ingrid Bergman).

Is China the next place where world culture will (similarly?) be spun in a new direction?

Will the stunning economic and social changes in China - that are just beginning to be reflected in a rapidly growing Chinese culture of 21st century motion pictures - change the direction of world cinema?

Will towering filmmakers emerge in China (as they did in Italy with Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Vittorio De Sica, Michelangelo Antonioni and Roberto Rossellini)?

Increasingly, users discover and circulate motion pictures through social media. Will China (which had been adding over 10 million new web subscribers a quarter - and that was before China Mobile began offering 4G service, making newly-motion-picture-friendly mobile devices a hugely desirable option for their 700 million plus subscribers) become the engine that drives the aesthetics (and business?) of film in the new century?

Is there any other place to look for the future of film besides China?

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