Red Bull's Repurposed "Jumping Off Mount Everest" Footage Gets 29,000 Likes in 12 hours on Instagram

The video above was just posted to Instagram and has blown up - 29,000 likes in just 12 hours.

There's an important lesson for all kinds of marketers in this short clip...

It demonstrates how a rethinking of your content - perhaps cutting down existing source material (the Everest jump was first uploaded to YouTube in a longer video 3 months ago) into a short thrilling and shareable chunk - can ignite users to engage with your content all over again.

Indie filmmakers... what would happen if you re-edited your trailer into a six second shareable chunk?

Have you looked at YouTube analytics (specifically, YouTube provides "audience retention" data that highlights where users are most engaged - e.g., pausing and replaying-  in your YouTube video) to determine if there is a chunk of your online video that might be suitable for a short Instagram or Vine video?

Could re-editing and re-posting cause a huge spike in views - creating much more interest in your film?

If Red Bull can cherry pick the optimal six seconds out of a longer video - and get users to engage with that shorter clip (in ways that are much more dynamic than interactions with a longer video) - could other marketers (filmmakers with an existing long-form trailer, where 6 seconds might be more shareable and fun, especially for mobile users?) use the same technique to increase interactivity and social sharing?

Here's the source for the six second clip - a minute plus of Red Bull footage that was uploaded in May 2013:

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