Capturing The Power of Awe

This video illustrates what scientists discovered when they pointed our most powerful telescope at the darkest regions of the known universe.

One of the qualities that makes a video spreadable is if it inspires awe.

For me, the idea that Earth's galaxy - the Milky Way (current estimates put the number of stars just in the Milky Way at perhaps 200,000,000,000) - is just 1 of over 100,000,000,000 galaxies inspires awe.

If you doubt the power of awe, ask yourself why is this Space Telescope Science Institute animation so popular? Over 6,000,000 views. Awesome.

And it isn't just space nerds that view, share and like videos that inspire the mix of emotions we know as awe (wonder, reverence, respect, etc. in the face of the universe's vastness, accomplishments requiring great discipline, the sublime interconnectedness and power of nature, etc).

Here are a few other shareable links that include awe-inspiring found content:

"Amateur" Tsunami Footage

A Dancer's Discipline

A Million Monkeys and a Typewriter

Jumping Off Everest

Tina S Shreds Vivaldi

Your project's message can ride along with any content.

Why not seek out "awesome" content?

Reposting awe-inspiring content on your page can make your page (and the messages you want to share about yourself and your projects) more spreadable.

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