7 Great Tips for Filmmakers Seeking to Raise Funding Online

In an August 30th, 2013 post to Ted Hope's Hope for Film blog, Colin Brown (someone I first met 20 years ago when he was the omnipresent editor in chief of Screen International - and who is now editorial director of Slated),  shared seven key tips for equity crowdfunding (i.e., raising money from a social network). Crowdfunding has become a central strategy for microbudget filmmakers - using sites like Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com. Crowdfunding is also now making bigger films possible - via site's like where Colin Brown currently hangs his hat - Slated.

Read the whole article for the details - but here's Colin Brown's list of "seven core pointers" for filmmakers who want to maximize their impact on equity crowdfunding platforms such as Slated, Kickstarter and Indiegogo:

1. Build Your Dream Team
2. Be Rock Solid From The Start
3. Research And Rifle Target
4. Keep Your Profile Active And Get Personal
5. Be Responsive And Ready To Pitch
6. Spur Investors Into Action
7. Traction Is The Name Of The Game

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