Is Hollywood Imploding and (If So) What's Next? WBEZ Podcast Featuring Ted Hope, Scott Foundas, Sunder Narayanan, and hosts Niala Boodhoo and Milos Stehlik

On July 19th, 2013 The Afternoon Shift show on Chicago public media's WBEZ radio featured hosts Niala Boodhoo (business reporter) and Milos Stehlik (WBEZ film contributor and founder of Chicago's cinematheque, Facets Multi-Media) talking to Ted Hope (legendary indie film producer who currently runs the San Francisco Film Society), Sunder Narayanan (a clinical associate professor who teaches Entertainment Marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business) and Scott Foundas (Variety's Chief Film Critic) about the challenges facing Hollywood and indie filmmakers.

Thanks to Ted Hope for sharing the links.

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