Classic Movies Represented as Vintage Maps

Illustrator Andrew DeGraff is clearly a gifted artist.

Check out his maps, many of which capture - in one remarkable image - the essence of classic films. Notice how the locations and the paths of the leading characters, crammed into one vintage-looking static frame, can conjure a flood of memories and emotions.

If you're a student of intellectual property rights, can you make an argument (pretend you are empowered by the copyright holder of the original film) that the illustration above is a derivative work and that Mr. DeGraff should have obtained permission to make his poster?

Does the fact that Mr. DeGraff's prints are available for sale in limited editions make a difference?

If the author of the film (or the subsequent owner of the right to make derivative works) sued, could Mr. DeGraff avail himself of a fair use defense?

What about my unpermissioned copying of Mr. DeGraff's image?  Should I be worried about a copyright claim from Mr. DeGraff? What about the fact that this is an educational website?

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