Robert Rodriguez and User Generated Content: Crowd Sourcing "Two Scoops," A New Online Film That Used Fan Tweets and Images as Part of the Storytelling Process

In mid-March 2013,  director Robert Rodriquez  (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn, Sin City, Spy Kids) challenged fans to take control of key points in the storytelling of his new short film, Two Scoops.  On May 31st 2013 that finished film was uploaded to YouTube (see above).

Here's the pitch video from March 2013:

As you can see in the pitch video,  Robert Rodriguez asked fans  to audition (ultimately Rodriguez decided fan Glen Matthews should play the agent character - based on his audition video - below), as well as to suggest  a weapon,  a villainous monster and to submit photos of themselves that would then be used in a "missing people" poster.

As it turned out, Twitter user @musikedidiable ("The World's Indiest Record Label") tweeted that the weapon should be "an electrified Yo-Yo, [that] gives an electrical discharge, then returns to the weapon to be charged again?" Check out how that tweet became part of the finished film around the 8 minute mark above.  Also note how the 'missing people' (fans who submitted their photos) also appear throughout the film.

Students of New World financing should also recognize that Blackberry sponsored the whole experience as content marketing.

Here is the audition video Glen Matthews submitted:

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