What the New Porsche 911 Microsite Can Show Filmmakers About the Future of Online Storytelling

Whether or not you're a fan of Porsche sports cars, the website that was recently launched to promote the latest 911 Turbo illustrates one possible direction for the future of film.

After about 30 seconds of conventional beauty shots and running shots of the car, the screen elegantly resolves into nine rectangles with (mysterious?) numbers attached that invite further exploration.

Why should filmmakers care?

Instead of structuring your next online film as one linear narrative - could there be a number of different paths that could be explored independently?

Is the clever combination of sleek graphics and intriguing clues that lead to deeper exploration (nine separate paths into one story world?) something other types of storytellers could emulate if partnered with the right technologists?

Could the functionality of the 911's new microsite be a template for a more interactive 21st century kind of narrative?

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