5 Things That Make a Good Transmedia Project: Jeff Gomez's Tips for Telling Your Story Across Different Platforms

More than anyone else, Jeff Gomez is responsible for the recognition that the Producer's Guild and other major institutions have given to transmedia storytellers in recent years. In part, that's because Jeff's company, Starlight Runner, has become the go-to shop for the big brands and entertainment franchises (e.g., Avatar and Halo) seeking to spread their stories across multiple platforms.

In an April 18th, 2013 post to IndieWire.com, Jeff Gomez lists 5 of the elements he'll be looking for when he (and a few other notables) award the Bombay Sapphire prize for Transmedia at this year's Tribeca Film Festival:

1) Does it have something to say?

2) Comedy is fine, but a joke is not worth chasing.

3) Characters need to be compelling.

4) Story elements that are self-contained but additive.

5) The work leverages the strengths of each medium it uses.

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