Hong Kong Film Market 2013

I attended the Hong Kong Film Market from March 18th-21st 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention Center.

While there, I moderated a panel with Katie Irwin (Director of Distribution at Myriad Pictures) and Paul Bales (Partner at The Asylum) speaking about US Film Companies Doing Business in South-East Asia.

The audience was comprised mostly of students from NYU's Tisch Asia and Chapman University's Singapore branch, but several educators and other notable figures from the region's film business were in attendance - including the Managing Director of the Taiwan Film Trade Association, Oliver Chen.

That's me in the pictures, talking with Tisch Asia student Eleonora Errico about casting her up-coming film and chatting with educators (Tisch Asia's Associate Dean Pia Aquilia second from the left and Tisch Asia Associate Professor Gabrielle Kelley on the right) and panelists (on the left, Katie Irwin and just to the left of me in the picture, Paul Bales). Finally, that's me seated on the left on the panel with Katie and Paul.

Photos by Michael Lim

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