Wise New World Film Marketing Advice From Old World Producing Legend Peter Guber: The Three Audiences

In a Dec. 13th, 2012 post to LinkedIn, sometimes controversial and always boggier-than-life film producer (with credits on films like Flashdance and Rain Man and recent roles as founder of Mandalay Entertainment as well as part owner of the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Dodgers), Peter Guber offered advice for turning customers into "raving fans."

Peter Guber starts by identifying the three audiences a filmmaker must reach:

"The first “audience” is you to you... The second “audience” is you to them... The third “audience” is them to them..."

Then Peter Guber explains what it takes to create content that will spread:

"Don’t focus just on features, but the benefits to your customers/audiences and the emotional reward that it offers. The key is that this engagement must be an experience where your customer not just listens, but participates in the process. You must make it a dialog, not a monolog."

"The product or service that owns their “audiences” emotions usually triumphs."

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