Resources For "How to Write a Comic Book" That Have Valuable Insights for Filmmakers Too

On Nov. 28th, 2012 Zack Smith posted an article that filmmakers and screenwriters might find very helpful, listing a number of resources for anyone aspiring to write a comic book.

The tools of visual storytelling for comic books and films are intertwined. It should come as no surprise to aspiring filmmakers that there's a lot to be learned from the tricks of the comic book writing trade.

The premise of Zack Smith's article is that certain fundamentals of good storytelling apply on all platforms, but comic books [and movies?] have unique visual storytelling concerns: "There's a gap between knowing how to tell a story, and knowing how to pace a story visually."

I am familiar with many of the texts that Zack Smith lists, but I was delighted to see that, in addition to some classic texts, Zack linked to (my friend) screenwriter Todd Alcott's blog: "What Does the Protagonist Want?"

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