Global Online Video Market Grows Up: Estimates Vary from US$29 billion to US$37 billion by 2017

According to a Nov. 29th, 2012 anthillonline report: "Online video remains a small, but growing, proportion of total TV and video revenues."


In one recent report, the prediction is that online video will account for 8% of all TV and video revenue by 2017.

That may seem like a small percentage - but, according to the forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media, that means the global online video market might be worth US$37 billion in 2017.

This estimate from Informa of US$37 billion by 2017 is about US$8 billion higher than an Oct. 2012 estimate of global online TV and video revenues from Digital TV Research.

Whether the number is $28.72 Billion or $37 billion in 2017, there seems to be a consensus that online video revenue is likely to more than double (perhaps more than triple) in the next five years - from the $11.14 billion expected in 2012.

Importantly (and adding to the unpredictability of this growing market?) the US will not be the only market for online video. Growth in emerging markets could be the real driver in online video revenue. For example, the Informa Telecoms and Media report says: "US dominance of the global market will wane over the next five years, but the US will still contribute over half of all revenues in 2017. The US accounts for approx 75% of revenues today, but that will drop to less than 60% in 2017 as Europe and Asia grow more quickly. Business-model wise, advertising will still be the largest revenue stream in 2017, as it is in 2012."

Thanks to Sheri Candler for the link.

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