Experience Designer Brian Clark's Presentation About "Phenomenal Work" from Storyworld 2012

In addition to being a founder of indieWire and a master storyteller at his media company GMD Studios, Brian Clark is a hugely entertaining and insightful speaker about the New World of storytelling.

So when it was announced that Brian Clark planned on presenting a talk at the Storyworld Conference 2012 (Oct. 17-19, 2012 in LA) - a talk that might shift thinking about the way we describe the storytelling that is happening across platforms using new digital tools - a sense of anticipation spread through the community of filmmakers, game designers, coders, authors, academics, consultants, artists, musicians, producers and publishers who've been experimenting with the new digital tools and ideas.

Many of us agree with Brian that (at least as far as film and music are concerned) the physical objects, that were a main source of revenue just a few years ago, are rapidly becoming artifacts of a bygone era. And everyone knows that digital diversions are all the rage.

But how are we, as creators, going to create and make money from work in this changed landscape? The rise of a more participatory culture, coupled with new ways of spreading entertainment and storytelling, have certainly created great new opportunities for creativity - but the New World also threatens old ideas about authorial control and monetization.

What will replace the old ways?

Perhaps Brian Clark would have some answers.

Sure it's fun, but it's also hugely challenging to work in an area where there are few recognizable shapes. As James Fair has written "We want to know what works and what doesn’t! It is essential to the repeatability of success!"

What are we selling and how can we charge for it?

Even the language we use to describe ourselves and our endeavors is up for debate.

Brian Clark is known as a great talker - perhaps his Phenomenal Work presentation at Storyworld 2012 would (at least) help New World storytellers to find new ways to talk about their work...

Brian Clark's Storyworld 2012 presentation (viewable on video below) did not disappoint.

Brian Clark's basic approach? Shift the discussion "from objects and things towards experiences and audiences by following the same chain of inspiration that started with the Enlightenment: Phenomenology, the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of experiences."

As Brian Clark subsequently wrote on his blog: "We don’t have to start a new industry, claim this is a new art form, or invent a new buzz phrase like we’ve tried in the past. We only have to put the audience at the center of our work and embrace that we craft phenomena as much as we do objects. We only have to choose to be phenomenal."

Here's a video of the entire talk that Brian Clark presented at Storyworld 2012 (the wonderful slides he used are at the top of this blogpost):

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