Accelerators, Incubators and Content: Nick DeMartino

Nick DeMartino is the former Director of AFI New Media Ventures and a noted New World of tech and storytelling consultant.

In an Oct. 24th, 2012 blogpost, Nick DeMartino updated how start-up accelerators and incubators are beginning to change how tech and entertainment companies collaborate.

For example, in his Oct. 24th, 2012 post, Nick DeMartino (relying on a survey conducted by Mikko Järvenpää) listed 10 primary ways that accelerators can add value to startups - suggesting that content creators might think about these 10 ideas as they begin looking to collaborate with tech start-ups.

1. Generating and validating an idea and a business model.

2. Investing and finding more investors.

3. Providing contacts and opening doors.

4. Providing mentors, advisors and guidance.

5. Providing hands-on help or education.

6. Helping in product development and testing.

7. Helping with product marketing and user acquisition.

8. Providing a peer group in a high-pressure environment.

9. Providing a physical location and support resources.

10. Negotiating and providing discounts, freebies and perks.

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