Experiments in Open Teaching: Online Syllabi, Lecture Notes and Assignments Make It Possible to Study With Leading Film Educators For Free

If you're interested in "the changing landscape of the business of entertainment and what it means to be an artist in the 21st century," there are FREE educational resources that you can access online.

On Sept. 13th 2012, The Film Collaborative published a post by Sheri Candler that reviews several opportunites for filmmakers and New World storytellers to educate themselves thanks to online "Experiments in Open Teaching."

For example...

Storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader, Lance Weiler, has generously placed his “Building StoryWorlds: The Art, Craft and Biz of Storytelling in the 21st Century” (a course he teaches at Columbia University) syllabus and slideshares from his lectures online.

Sheri Candler's article also links to a Brown University course wiki for “Open Source Culture” taught by Mark Tribe.

Sheri Candler also links to my syllabus for “Guerrilla Film Marketing” as well as to a recent post I wrote for this blog about the future of film education.

As Sheri Candler writes: "No, it isn’t the same thing as receiving one on one attention in class, but then again that’s a reason to pay tuition."

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