163 (Horror?) Movies in 2 1/2 Minutes

Long time readers know I've posted a few mashups of Hollywood films (clips cut together in a transformative way) on this site before. In the past year, I've especially liked the Disney animation and the Father's Day tributes. I post these video mashups because I like them and to illustrate the kind of copyright-rule bending work that the studios hate (because it appropriates their copyright content without permission). A massive worldwide audience - that loves the blending of familiarity and novelty in video remix - happily share any great new mashup with their friends. Still, the example at the top of this post almost didn't make it onto this site. There's no denying the giddy fun that kidziakandkeogh created when they grabbed some grisly and iconic moments and sliced (I mean cut) them into a blood-soaked tribute to movie mayhem. But, when the compilation was uploaded to YouTube, kidziakandkeogh also said it was a compilation of horror films. Well... that's not strictly correct. There are some non-horror (suspense and thriller?) films included (like Hitchcock's North by Northwest and Spielberg's Jaws). And I'm not sure that 163 films were cut into this 2.5 minute video. I haven't bothered to count. But who cares. Just turn out the lights and let the video remind you of all those thrills.

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