The Nicest Cease and Desist Letter Ever

On July 22nd, 2012 Mashable reprinted a letter from the nicest legal department on earth - those good-natured mouthpieces at Jack Daniel's.

Instead of excoriating and threatening author Patrick Wensink - whose book, Broken Piano For President, has a cover that resembles the trademarked black label on the Jack Daniel's whiskey bottle - the distillery's lawyers only requested that a change in cover art be made in subsequent editions of the book. In fact, instead of promising the customary legal fire and brimstone (e.g., insisting that all existing copies of the book be turned into charcoal suitable only for filtering whiskey), the Jack Daniels lawyers acknowledged that the imitation was a compliment.

I plan on lifting a glass and toasting Jack Daniel's at the earliest opportunity. Here's hoping the book and the booze both prosper.

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