Handy Overview of Social Media for Filmmakers

In a 2011 post entitled "Why PR Should Take Social Media Seriously", digital marketing consultant Jeff Bullas lays out some surprising facts about the reach of the 8 major social media channels. Jeff Bullas also covers some essential points (the fundamentals that every filmmaker needs to understand) about social media and marketing. For example:

"Social Media’s Role in PR is about:

Efficient delivery of your message through ensuring that search engines find you easily (SEO..Search Engine Optimization), because you have optimized your Social Media (SMO… Social Media Optimization)

Maximizing the level of control over your message by being so high up in the search engine that you are the first 7 or 8 on page one, because you are maximizing your SEO through great content and spanning multiple boundaries of Social Media.

Ensuring that people's different preferences for hearing your message is maximized because you have it in audio text, image and video in social media."

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