Mitt Romney Raps: This MC Goes Harder, Courtesy of The Gregory Brothers

If the Gregory Brothers simply used Auto-Tune software to turn video clips into musical numbers, their work would be interesting (if only for capturing a moment in time when technology was suddenly capable of making non-singers musical stars). But there's more to it than that. What elevates the Gregory Brothers's work is how they transform snippets of ordinary speech into cultural commentary that is also irresistible music. The Gregory Brothers have a gift for catchy melodies. They also know how to choose subjects that will resonate (like their "Bed Intruder Song"). It starts with a serious subject, often a video clip of someone talking to the camera - blind to the absurdity of their statements ("I like lakes"). The Gregory Brothers then add earnest musical production - and often a seriously great hook - that adds yet another layer of inappropriate passion to the speech. Behold: Self-important silliness transformed into seriously catchy music...

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