Condition One: Technology for Mobile Devices That Immerses The Viewer in the Motion Picture Image

Condition One has created software that allows tablet users to move through a video space, exploring inside the image.

"Our technology is going to enable some amazing new concert experiences where the user can pan back and forth between the stage and the crowd, between the drummer and guitarist, or between the action onstage and what's going on backstage," Condition One COO Andrew Chang told Ben Popper for an article that appeared on June 13th, 2012 in The Verge.

Condition One, targeting big media companies as clients, has signed on Mark Cuban as an early investor. But Condition One's technology (e.g., using the touchscreen and motion detection capabilities of mobile devices to immerse viewers into the world of the story) is deeply appealing to me as an indie filmmaker. Who's with me?

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