Twitter and TV

Here's a link to some fascinating data from Twitter about the growing relationship between the social media platform and traditional TV.

If you're interested in engaging and growing your audience - this post provides invaluable insights about the evolving relationship between Twitter and the TV screen.

Twitter is a powerful tool. And the guidelines for using Twitter's trademark and measuring your campaign's success (e.g., via services like are easy to follow.

In other words, the key to strengthening ratings and engagement through Twitter are within a marketing exec's or a TV producer's reach - as long as he /she understands how Twitter works (the proven best practices).

The post from from Twitter, entitled Twitter on TV: A Producer's Guide, is a great place to start.

Here's an example of just how powerful a madlib-style hashtag (starting a sentence a user can then finish e.g., "#ifbiebermetgaga") can be in building engagement with a live TV broadcast:

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