Teen Wolf and Defiance: The Rise of Transmedia Storytelling In Conjunction With TV

In a blogpost for JWT Intelligence that appeared on May 7th, 2012, Marian Berelowitz writes about two transmedia storytelling projects, Teen Wolf and Defiance. These two properties are evidence that transmedia storytelling is "becoming more pervasive as content creators find new ways to extend their properties and as consumer attention toggles between screens and devices."

Ms. Berelowitz doesn't delve too deeply into the details - but the two examples she cites are intriguing because they offer interactivity in ways that prior entertainment experiences couldn't:

Teen Wolf will soon include an interactive Facebook experience, "Teen Wolf: The Hunt," (starting in June 2012) that will extend the "Teen Wolf" TV series onto an online platform where fans can interact with characters in real time...

And SyFy's "Defiance" will (in 2013?) incorporate a massive multiplayer game - that (if the plans are fulfilled) will evolve as an integral part of a new entertainment experience that includes TV, see the video below:

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