Steven Spielberg On Making Your Dream a Reality

Steven Spielberg's 2006 advice to 300 outstanding graduate students (restated and abridged below from an article found at is simple:

1. Stay On Your Toes
The solutions you improvise, when faced with unexpected adversity, will define you and your style. Be alert and decisive.

2. Be Willing To Make Mistakes and Learn From Them
Ask a hero, she will often say “I’ve learned the most from my failures.”

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out There
People need to know who you are.

4. Do What You Love and Take It Seriously

5. Fear Is Only A Word
Believe in yourself and take risks.

6. Exploit Your Weakness And Turn It Into An Advantage
If you’re a small outsider – use that to distinguish yourself.

7. Do Not Stop Dreaming, Keep On Innovating

8. Build A Solid Brand That Will Last
Your name should stand for quality work. Ultimately, you are not pitching a film – you’re pitching yourself and your commitment to the work.

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