What Jazz Bands Can Teach Filmmakers and Entrepreneurs

In filmmaking (and many other high-tech businesses) rapid change in tools and business models require that the workers improvise and adapt.

How can New World filmmakers (and other high-tech entrepreneurs) organize and lead their teams?

Are their proven methods for inspiring creativity and innovation within an established structure while allowing for improvisation and nimble response to changes?

According to Deniz Ucbasaran, Professor of Entrepreneurship at England's Warwick Business School and the lead academic on a prize-winning paper entitled Leading Entrepreneurial Teams: Insights from Jazz, the jazz band leaders Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Art Blakey have a lot to teach 21st Century filmmakers and entrepreneurs.

As reported in the Jan. 2nd, 2012 Guardian, Ucbasaran argues that entrepreneurs are like jazz band leaders: They have to "build creative tension and give individuals their heads" while working within the framework of a collective. They have to harness the "disparate egos of highly talented people" and somehow keep them working towards the same goal.

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