Gary Vaynerchuk v. Howard Stern

When one of the internet's earliest success stories (and biggest egos) attempts a takedown of the self-appointed "King of All Media" - sparks are sure to fly.

What I find interesting about this video (from 2008) is the way that Gary Vaynerchuk uses old media (a stationary camera recording boring video) and new media (the interweb) to make points about how new media is doing what old media used to do - only better.

Maybe - but Gary Vaynerchuk's video is probably not the best evidence of the power of the new tools...

Granted, this video is almost 4 years old, but looking at his latest video offerings online, one has to ask, is Gary Vaynerchuk still on the cutting-edge?

And does Howard Stern really represent what Gary has replaced?

Or do both these stars represent the past?

And, if so, what is replacing these icons of radio and the old internet?

UPDATE: On Jan. 4th, 2012, in response to a tweet from @garyvee, I've revised this post to make it clear that the Gary v. Howard video dates back to 2008. Nevertheless, my point - that Gary Vaynerchuk's timely insights about the "thank you" economy and relationship marketing are being pushed out via Web 1.0 techniques - still seems valid to me. I've added a link to Gary's website where you can view his very latest updates. What do you think? To me the video tools he is using seem to smack of days gone-by - they're not very interactive or engaging.

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